Bio Diagnostics is a Reference Laboratory that covers the wide range of laboratory tests like - Bio Chemistry, Haematology, Cytology, Histopathology and Microbiology.
We have well experienced pathologist team. We are fully automated because we believe in “Machine and man behind the Machine” We provide services in a very affordable price with accurate report.
After the test performed by technologist all the result are interpreted by experts specially by seeing the sample slide or through microscope.
Yes, sure but primarily you have to inform us so we can withdraw adequate amount of sample to provide you the same sample for second option with necessary arrangement.
Normally it takes 3-4 hours depending on the test but some tests may take one week.
Generally, we do phone call when your report is ready, you can also have it deliver at your email address or you can collect it from BPL Reception.
There will be Reference Range given with every test, If you have any doubt, you can visit our Lab for our Consultant to interpret the results.
Yes, we do with our test MRP. No extra charges are applied if the test is above Rs. 500.
Firstly, you have to contact us than name the test, we can provide you information regarding the amount of sample required, how much charge and how long it takes to get results or you can see test details on our website also.
You can if possible, otherwise you can visit our Laboratory any time between working hours 7am to 7 pm. (Sunday- Saturday)