Our Policies

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Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal Policies.

Animal Specimens

We do not accept animal specimens for laboratory testing.

Cancellation of Tests

Cancellations received before test setup are honored at no charge; however, we cannot accommodate cancellation requests received following test setup. A report will be issued automatically and charged as indicated.

Confidentiality of Results

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal  is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and to compliance with all privacy & security.

Critical Results & Values

Critical results & values are defined as those that indicate the patient is in danger of death unless treatment is initiated immediately. These results require immediate interruptive notification of the responsible licensed caregiver who can initiate the appropriate clinical action for the patient. Client Services or laboratory personnel are responsible for reporting critical results within 30 minutes of the result being known.

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal will immediately notify the individual who requested a test when any result indicates an imminent, life-threatening condition.

Infectious Material

All specimens are handled as though they are infectious. The greatest dangers to healthcare workers exposed to blood and body fluids are hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV viruses.

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs has an extensive safety policy.

Physician Contact Information Requests

Our goal is to deliver accurate, high-quality, and timely results to our clients so that diagnostic and treatment decisions can be made as quickly as possible.

At times, Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal may need to contact the ordering physician directly. We require the ordering physician’s name and phone number to clarify requested services, interpret a test result, or consult with as necessary.

Quality Assurance

Extensive proficiency testing and quality control measures ensure that each specimen submitted to our laboratories receives the full benefits of in-house quality, expertise, and knowledge.

Staff pathologists, PhDs, laboratory scientists, and technologists are all highly experienced in handling complex tests. The Medical Directors, Laboratory Directors, and supervisory personnel monitor performance indicators for all laboratory services.

Performance improvement initiatives are regularly instituted and reviewed as part of an aggressive on-going quality improvement program. Client Services’ telephone calls are monitored for quality assurance.


Radioactive Specimens

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal does not routinely test specimens for background radioactivity. This radioactivity may interfere with the results of radioimmunoassay; therefore, specimens from patients receiving radioactive tracers or material should be labeled as such.

Referral Testing

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal may select and utilize external reference laboratories to perform any tests not available at Bio Lab. Outside performing laboratories are identified based on many factors that include, but are not limited to: testing methodology, turnaround time, customer service, reporting format, and range of services offered.

Clients may, for medical reasons, request that a test is referred to a specific laboratory other than Bio Lab or one which is routinely utilized by Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal. Following consultation with the client regarding such requests, Bio Diagnostics Path Labs will honor the client’s request and forward the specimen.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Rejection Criteria

Specimens will be rejected under the following conditions:

• The two unique patient identifiers on the specimen container do not match those on requisition or electronic order.

• Specimen is unlabeled or incompletely labeled.

• Specimen submitted without a written or electronic order.

• Improper specimen transport temperature.

• Incorrect specimen submitted for the requested test.

• Insufficient volume / quantity not sufficient (QNS).

• Hemolysis (test dependent).

• Unacceptable specimen age (test dependent).

• Submitted in an unacceptable container type, including: glass; a syringe with a needle attached; broken or leaking.


Specimen Shipping

Specimens are only acceptable for processing when they are collected and submitted appropriately. Please refer to our Specimen Shipping resources for more information.

Time-Sensitive Specimens

Please contact Client Services before sending a specimen for testing of a time-sensitive nature.

Turnaround Time

Bio Diagnostics Path Labs Nepal defines turnaround time (TAT) as the analytical test time required. Our laboratories’ turnaround time is monitored closely and compared to standardized laboratory metrics for continuous quality improvement.

For details regarding turnaround times for specific tests, please refer to the Test Directory or contact Client Services.